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10ft solar fan.jpg

 * High energy efficient direct solar powered, no operation cost at all for sunny daytime

 * Unique 36V IP68 permanent magnet brushless DC motor for high efficiency and durability, rated for most            indoor or outdoor cover spaces

* Direct driven by BLDC motor with no gearbox, no leak, easy to install and maintenance-free

* Automatic smart hybrid supply effectively for all day running, saving up to 60% electricity cost even when             using mains supply 

* High quality fan motor with over 10 years design lifespan, 5 years warranty

* 440W monocrystalline solar panel
* Diameter 3m/ 10ft airfoil type aluminum-alloy fan blades, 8 blades, of 32'' fan booms
* AC/DC adapter to serve as energy backup for fan run nonstop even in sunless periods,
* Include remote controller to turn On / Off & Forward / Reverse the fan flexibly at any time, 5 variable speeds.

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